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Leave the Batmobile at home this September!

Challenge yourself to walk, cycle, take public transport and car share this September  

Head on down to the cycle cinema at Ferry Meadows 

Join Travelchoice on Saturday 9th September at Ferry Meadows (Ham Lane, Peterborough PE2 5UU) for a free cycle cinema.

The event will show ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ and is due to start at 8pm. The aim of the event is to add a fun and engaging element to cycling and sustainable transport, so please leave the Batmobile (your car!) at home and walk, cycle, get the bus or car share to ferry meadows! Spread the word, bring a blanket and lets hope it doesn’t rain!

Business challenge

The Travelchoice Business challenge is back and will run from the 1st to the 30th September 2017.  The challenge invites individuals and businesses across Peterborough to compete to see who can travel most sustainably during September. The challenge is open to all sustainable modes of travel.  The idea is simple – leave your car behind and walk, cycle, take public transport or car share for as many journeys as possible this September, log your trips on the website and earn points for every sustainable trip made. As your points total builds, so does your chance of winning a prize! It’s easy to take part, just register at www.travelchoice.org.uk/challenge, encourage your colleagues to do likewise and let the Peterborough Travelchoice Challenge begin! You can start logging your trips from 1st September – remember to log all sustainable trips and keep an eye on the leaderboards! Throughout the month we will be giving out random spot prizes, as well as prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd individual and business!

The challenge is simple:

  1. Sign up!


  1. Choose to earn points for your business or individually


  1. The challenge goes live 1st September!


  1. Leave your car behind and walk, cycle, car share or take public transport for as many journeys as possible


  1. Log your trips on the website and earn points! (double points for return journeys)


  1. Points mean medals. Work on your medal ranking and find your place on the challenge leaderboard


  1. Win prizes! Spot prizes will be awarded weekly so look out for these



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