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Why we need culture and heritage:
Our Heritage and our Culture are inextricably linked reflecting and directing modern society. They shape our view of the world through shared experiences and personal and collective responses to the built and natural environment.

Culture is influenced by the stories, buildings, employment, beliefs, traditions and aesthetics of our past, maintaining a constant link with our forebears; it was the culture of those who came before us which created the heritage we all share today.

It is the heritage we share today, which underpins modern culture. It is impossible to consider a city without culture or heritage. They help us grasp who we are, what we share, and to consider the legacy we will leave.

What we need to do:
Get involved in Peterborough’s culture and heritage:

Peterborough is already working towards:

  • Nationally unique record of continuous occupation spanning 3500 years since the Bronze Age - one hundred and forty generations of people
  • Rich geological setting which has influenced our development, from quarrying of limestones to build cathedrals to clays made into bricks which built London
  • Cathedral is the final resting place of Katherine of Aargon and Mary Queen of Scots (until removed to Westminster Abbey)
  • Important record of the enclosure of common lands in the early 19th century, as described by local “Peasant Poet” John Clare
  • Modern Peterborough has been significantly shaped by its expansion throughout the 70s and 80s as the development corporation created new homes, employment and services for an influx of 70,000 people relocated from London
  • It has over 1056 listed buildings, 29 Conservation Areas, over 200 buildings of local interest and nearly 65 scheduled ancient monuments
  • An ambition for the heritage of Peterborough will be launched in 2013
  • Peterborough Arts Festival, an annual two week festival full of theatre, comedy, music and street performance held in June/July and attracting national performers
  • Peterborough Heritage Festival is held over the last weekend in June showcasing Peterborough’s varied history
  • There are over 100 different languages spoken in Peterborough and a load of cultural festivals such as Diwali and Eid, as well as the Italian and Polish festivals.
  • Each year, Peterborough Museum hosts between 50,000-80,000 visitors.
  • Britain is ranked 7th out of 50 nations for cultural heritage.
  • 39% of English adults during 2010/11 said they volunteered at least once in the last 12 months
  • Peterborough has Ferry Meadows: The most visited country park in the UK

Targets to 2020:

  • The council will seek to celebrate heritage in all public realm and highway design schemes across the city.
  • Environmental charity PECT will give support to 10 community groups and engage 30,000 people a year on environmental issues.
  • Through the Culture Strategy raise the profile of culture, increase participation and visitor numbers.

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