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Peterborough Environment Capital

Ready to switch

Residents are being urged to sign up and  save money on their energy bills.

Ready to SwitchThe first round of Ready to Switch saved householders an average of £122 a year across all tariffs and dual fuel monthly direct debit customers saved an average of £149.

In fact, some residents have reported much bigger savings amounting to over £250 and householders now have until 8 April 2013 to sign up for the second round of the scheme.

To sign up all you'll need is a copy of your latest energy bill and then either:

• Log on to www.readytoswitch.co.uk  
• Call Peterborough Direct on (01733) 747474
• Visit our Ready to Switch registration desks at Bayard Place in the city centre

The council has also received funding from the Government to translate information about the scheme into Polish, Lithuanian and Punjabi – which are the most common languages spoken in the city other than English.  Translated information can be found at www.readytoswitchpeterborough.co.uk.

Ready to Switch is a scheme that uses the combined buying power of residents to negotiate cheaper prices with energy companies. 

Once registration has closed an auction will be held with energy providers on 9 April 2013 to get the best price to supply energy to all those households that have registered.

All those who registered will be contacted with the details of the estimated savings they would achieve through the scheme and then householders have the choice of whether to go ahead or not.


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