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Peterborough Environment Capital

About Creating the UK's Environment Capital

What does creating the UK’s Environment Capital mean?

Environment Capital is a vision for a truly sustainable Peterborough.  It is a commitment to put the environment first, to continually aspire for improvement and to be recognised as a city with an innovative approach to sustainable development.

We currently live unsustainably, using three planets worth of resources. We only have one planet and by working together we can create a sustainable, brighter future and make our city a happier, healthier and more prosperous place to live.

Environment Capital is a challenge we have set ourselves as a city and it is an ongoing journey. 

What will this mean for me?

Creating the UK’s Environment Capital does not mean reducing our quality of life. On the contrary, we can achieve higher standards of living by wasting less and making the most out of our available resources.

Creating the UK’s Environment Capital means we will all have a better quality of life where:

  • we are healthier, happier and more prosperous
  • we waste less, so we can achieve more
  • we have more money in our pockets because we have lower bills to pay and more job opportunities open to us
  • fewer of us rely on health care, benefits or support, because we don’t need them
  • our residents are given the opportunity to make sustainable choices, leading to a high quality of life.

But this does mean we will need to do things differently. 

shopping worldsWhy do we need to do things differently?

If everyone worldwide lived the lifestyle of the average person in Europe, we would need three planets worth of resources to sustain us. This means, on average, each of us is using too much of the earth’s resources to produce the food we eat, treat the waste we produce, and generatethe energy we require. This needs to change, and we believe that it is possible to do this in a way which also enhances our quality of life. 

What can we do?

We all have the opportunity to make simple changes to our way of life that cumulatively will result in a more self-sufficient city and in doing so reduce economic pressures. Embracing sustainability will make our businesses more efficient, our products less harmful and our communities stronger and more equitable. It will achieve environmental justice and equality for all. With your help, Peterborough has the potential to be a truly sustainable city.

Tips and ideas on how you can help can be found in our Get Involved area.

How will we measure this?

The Environment Capital Action Plan will show how we are going to achieve this. The action plan, which is currently being developed, will be structured around ten themes, each with a lead partner. Each theme has a 2050 vision and interim targets to start us on our journey toward Environment Capital. Click on the links below to view the themes, their baseline statistics and progress.  In 2016 the progress will be reviewed and new three year targets will be produced. We believe this plan will lead to our residents having the best possible quality of life because they will be part of a truly sustainable city.

Targets will be delivered by a partnership including Peterborough City Council, Peterborough Environment City Trust, local educational establishments, the health service, the business community, local voluntary and community organisations, and you.

What are the ten action plan themes?



Many people want to make a contribution to improving the environment and decreasing the amount of energy we use and the waste we produce. 

Sometimes it's hard to stay up to date with the newest information about what's available in Peterborough to help you be more environmentally sustainable.

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