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Peterborough Environment Capital

Initiatives for businesses

Businesses in Peterborough and across the East of England can cut their carbon footprint and increase profits. Reducing your impact on the environment doesn’t need to be complicated.

A few simple steps could have a huge impact on the planet and your bottom line. 

Volunteer Exchange 
Matching schools with volunteers from local businesses to create exciting outdoor classrooms with vegetable patches, ponds, flowerbeds and wildlife corners. Outdoor classrooms provide students with hands-on, interesting lessons about the environment. Students learn about where food comes from and how to grow vegetables, they engage with the natural environment and understand how everyday actions can impact on local wildlife. The Volunteer Exchange is part of the Greener Schools website and was set up to link schools and businesses for mutual benefit. If you are a school seeking volunteers, or a business who can donate time register now at www.greenerschools.co.uk/volunteerexchange 

Adopt a Tree with Forest for Peterborough 
For just £15 you can adopt a tree in the Forest for Peterborough! We’ll give you the opportunity to plant your tree and send you a personalised certificate.  The Forest for Peterborough project won’t create a single woodland in one set place, but will increase tree coverage in different areas all over the city. It will also increase the range of habitats in the city such as grassland and hedgerow as well as woodland. We want to create green corridors throughout Peterborough to allow our wildlife to flourish.

Car Sharing 
Share your journey and help reduce the number of cars on the city's roads.  Sharing your journey not only helps to reduce the number of cars on the city's roads, but also supports Peterborough's aspiration to become the UK's Environment Capital. It also has obvious cost benefits for members, sharing your daily commute with one person will halve your fuel costs and sharers can typically save £1,000 a year.  Travelchoice has developed a dedicated website to allow residents in and around Peterborough to search for people to car share with. Simply register on www.carsharepeterborough.com then enter your journey details; stating where and when your trip starts and ends and how often you make it. The website will automatically search for other people making similar journeys and if a suitable match is found you can contact that person to finalise plans.

RiverCare is a community engagement project that re-connects people with their local river environment. RiverCare empowers community groups to ‘adopt’ and enhance their local riverside environment by carrying out regular conservation, litter clean-up and wildlife surveying tasks. People of all ages can get involved and form groups with neighbors, sports clubs, work colleagues or a youth group. If you have an idea for a RiverCare project that you would like to do, visit the Rivercare website to find out more.

The Green Wheel 
The Green Wheel network of cycle routes provides over 45 miles of continuous sustainable routes around the city. It was one of the first large scale projects Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) delivered for Peterborough and first opened in 2000.  Not only does the Green Wheel contribute to a sustainable transport system, it also celebrates over 3000 years of social, cultural and economic history through colourful interpretation boards and a series of sculptures. This £11 million project was 50% funded by the National Lottery through the Millennium Commission, matched by contributions from public and private businesses and voluntary organisation.

Get an Investors in the Environment accreditation 
Investors in the Environment is a not for profit environmental accreditation scheme. It is designed to help the business sector save money and reduce their impact on the environment. We provide all the help, support, promotion and networking you need to get your business started and ensure you get recognition for your green efforts.

Envirocluster Peterborough 
Peterborough is an important centre for cleantech development in the United Kingdom offering a first-class working environment for eco-innovation and the environmental industries. Home to around 350 environmental organisationsEnviroCluster Peterborough is a growing interactive network of businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, academic partners and researchers who are developing cleantech solutions. The cluster is strong in the fields of energy generation and energy efficiency, water supply and wastewater treatment, contaminated land remediation, biodiversity management, waste management and recycling and expert environmental consultancy. The sector is growing strongly in the city, with new companies emerging in areas such as smart-tech and low carbon vehicles. EnviroCluster is supporting cleantech growth in the city by providing innovation and incubation support, promoting skills development, inward investment, sharing of knowledge and opportunities and helping our members internationalise into new global markets. We invite businesses to join the cluster if they are based locally, provide a cleantech solution, have a willingness to collaborate with others and have an ambition to grow.  


Water Innovation Quick Scan (WIQS)
Is your organisation using water and do you want to find out how you can use water more efficiently and at the same time enhance your reputation as a sustainable enterprise? Complete the free INNOWATER Innovation Quick Scan for a clear insight in potential water challenges and areas for improvement. But it does not stop there. After completing the scan, you have the opportunity to perform a full scale European Water Steward audit, financially supported by INNOWATER, that guides you towards sustainable water management at operational and river basin levels. Please contact Selma Hilgersom (s.hilgersom@ewp.eu) if you want to learn more about the opportunities for your company. If you require support with completing the Water Innovation Quick Scan, please contact Gareth Jones (g.jones@ukceed.org) at UK CEED.


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