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Health and Wellbeing


Why we need to invest in our health and wellbeing:
Health and happiness are central to a good quality of life and we all need to invest in our own wellbeing to achieve this.  Life expectancy is lower than the English average and marked inequalities exist within Peterborough.  Whilst mortality rates for all causes of death have been falling over the last 10 years, some are falling further and faster than others. We face particular challenges with obesity, especially childhood obesity, and smoking and alcohol. 

What we need to do:
Lifestyle choices about what we eat, how active we are, what we drink and whether we smoke are key factors in improving our health and happiness.  We need to ensure a healthy diet, with our 5-a-day of fresh fruit and veg, an active lifestyle, with 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, and time to relax and look after our mental wellbeing.

Peterborough is already working towards:

  • Food workshops teaching 150 people how to cook with healthy and sustainable food
  • Planting fruit trees across the city and creating a wild food map to provide a source of free fruit for everyone
  • Reducing obesity through a number of activity programmes such as Mover and Shakers, Lets Keep Moving
  • Training Children’s Centre staff in food and nutrition knowledge and skills
  • Improving health through community health trainers
  • Cyclists take 50% fewer sick days.
  • Life expectancy varies across the city by up to ten years.
  • Young people’s participation in sport improves their numeracy scores by 8%.


  • Approximately 37% deaths from Coronary Heart Disease are due to inactivity.

Targets to 2020:

  • Increase the proportion of physically active adults in Peterborough to match the rest of England.
  • On a trend basis, seek to reduce the number of people declared homeless.
  • Nene Park Trust will increase the percentage of visitors expressing benefits to their health and wellbeing through visiting the park from a baseline of 90% in 2016.
  • Reduce the proportion of people with an unhealthy weight.

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