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Parkrun is a reality in Peterborough!

The Travelchoice Team at Peterborough City Council have worked in partnership with local running clubs and Nene Park Trust to bring the parkrun event to Peterborough which is now a reality. Parkrun

Have you ever thought about going for a run but lacked the motivation to do it? Are you thinking of taking part on the Perkins Great Eastern run but you are too nervous or lacking motivation? parkrun provides the opportunity to get active and change your lethargic lifestyle forever as well as good training opportunity for the Perkins Great Eastern run.

Parkrun is a 5km running event which is successfully run at more than 15,000 locations across the country and the world. Every Saturday morning at 9am, more than 250,000 people from all walks of life get up and get moving together. It’s completely free and the only requirement is for runners to register on-line to receive their unique athlete number and identification barcode which needs to be printed before taking part. You can find more information on www.parkrun.org.uk.

The philosophy of the parkrun is the creation of open and accessible events for everyone (no matter the ability). It’s a run, not a race where people have fun while they improve their health. Travelchoice are keen to promote sustainable travel options to the event including (as part of their active travel remit) getting people walking and cycling for health and wellbeing.

Since 3rd of August, this event is held every Saturday at 9am from the community to the community. The meeting point is on Ferry Meadows green cafe. If you want more information about the course or other related to Peterborough parkrun (including volunteering for the event), please visit the Peterborough parkrun page on www.parkrun.org.uk/peterborough/


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