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Peterborough Environment Capital

99,506 trees planted in Peterborough by local charity!

The city of Peterborough is showing its ‘green’ colours, as the Forest for Peterborough project continues on its mission to plant one tree for every person living in Peterborough by 2030.

Forest for Peterborough, which is run by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) has so far planted a total of 99,506 trees, with just under 6,000 trees planted this season.
Forest for Peterborough aims to plant over 180,000 trees in and around the city and surrounding countryside by 2030. PECT wants to improve tree coverage to create a network of wooded areas, improving our green spaces, the quality of air we breathe, and also making sure that Peterborough is less vulnerable to the effects of flooding and other extreme weather. The tree planting will change the city’s landscape, forming a vital network of wildlife corridors and green spaces.

This year, the planting season concluded with a successful tree giveaway at Serpentine Green in Hampton, as part of National Disability Awareness Month, which brought together a showcase of charities and community groups across the city. Residents of Peterborough could collect their free Crab Apple trees, with the aim of encouraging them to plant it in their gardens to increase tree coverage across Peterborough. Throughout this season, the project has seen a range of people getting involved, from families and communities to a variety of business groups all joining in as volunteers.
Project Officer Simon Belham explains: It has been a busy season but made so enjoyable by all the helpers we have had join us on event days. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to don a pair of gloves, grab a spade and a tree and help out with the planting. Our project can only be made possible with each and every person who volunteered.”
Thanks also go to Peterborough City Council for supporting the project’s 2016/17 season.
Next season brings with it exciting prospects, including the chance of reaching a milestone of planting the 100,000th tree! But for this to happen, the project is in need of land for these trees to grow.
The focus now turns to you. In readiness for the next tree planting season, starting in October 2017, Forest for Peterborough needs to secure new pockets of land where more trees can be planted.
If you have land or know anybody who has available space and an interest in creating a new woodland, forest, shelterbelt or wildlife copse, make sure to get in touch. Please contact Simon Belham, Forest for Peterborough Project Officer, on 01733 882545, or mobile 07715 372432, or you can email simon.belham@pect.org.uk


Call for Bags of Help!

The project is also in the running to receive a prize fund of either £4,000, £2,000 or £1,000. The amount awarded is dependent upon the number of customer votes received through Tesco’s in-store Bags of Help initiative. The Bags of Help scheme sees community projects awarded grants raised from the 5p plastic bag levy.

“Forest for Peterborough means so much, not only for the quality of life of city residents today, but for future generations of Peterborough citizens,” explains Project Officer Simon Belham. “Bringing together communities, schools and businesses for the volunteer planting days means that everyone can get involved with and contribute to improving their natural surroundings.”

Voting is open in stores throughout June. Customers can cast their vote using a token given to them at the store check-out when they shop at Tesco. For more information visit www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp.

The stores participating in our region comprise:

Peterborough (PE7 8BD)
Peterborough Metro (PE1 1TA)
Peterborough Oundle Road (PE2 9PJ)
Stanground Express (PE2 8RJ)
Wistow Way, Orton Express (PE2 6XN)

To check the location of the stores, visit http://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/.

For further information about PECT’s Forest for Peterborough project, visit www.pect.org.uk/forest.


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