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Natural features introduced to river at Werrington Brook

Now in its fifth year, the Werrington Brook Improvements Project continues to work on holistically improving a sub-catchment of the River Welland.


This project involves physical works to the river, tackling a wide range of pollutants at source, and working towards behavioural change for its local communities and businesses. Inline channel works have been undertaken on stretches of the Marholm Brook, Brook Drain, Paston Brook, Werrington Brook and Cuckoo’s Hollow. 


  Old river route


This year, a previously straight section of brook with very little flow, was re-designed with the addition of 27 berms, 7 riffles, 9 silt pools and a wetland pond. The introduction of these natural river features over a stretch of 740 metres, gives the Werrington Brook a more natural meandering look.  


    New river route


These features were installed to improve the way that the brook naturally functions, restoring it to how nature intended. By changing the way that the brook flows, through the installation of the berms, riffles and pools, it has also increased the amount of oxygen in the water.  


The new natural river features will help to clean the water, create new habitats, allow extra space for water during times of flood and provide a more pleasant space for all to enjoy.


To view the original designs visit https://www.pect.org.uk/resource/aubretia/

Visit PECT'S Werrington Brook Improvements page for full project information and updates.


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