eNewsletter Winter 2019

Peterborough Environment Capital

Working together sees improvements to green spaces

PECT and the local community group Community First, have worked alongside hundreds of volunteers to enhance and maintain communal green spaces in the Gladstone area.


Over the last 10 months the project has successfully transformed 20 green spaces, working with community members to plant flowers and shrubs. It has also brought together volunteers from local schools, community groups and businesses in the area to learn about horticulture, gain knowledge and appreciation of nature and to give them something positive to do within their neighbourhood.




In addition to improving the biodiversity of the neighbourhood, the project brought together people of many religions and nationalities, who have been united by a shared sense of purpose and pride in their community. The barriers keeping them separate have begun to break down, with people keen to get involved, either individually or as a family.





The project has also helped increase awareness of litter and anti-social behaviour in the area.  As part of the project legacy, a new group has formed to target the litter issues, holding regular litter picks and raising awareness.


If anyone is interested in taking part in any future litter picks, or helping to maintain the green spaces in the area, please contact: karen.igho@pect.org.uk

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