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Peterborough food-sharing scheme shortlisted for award!

An innovative local food waste project has been shortlisted as a finalist in The Green Gown Awards.

The CommUNITY Meet & Eat project, hosted by City College Peterborough, runs a number of monthly community meals using food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Meals take place at their Brook Street Campus and across the city.

CommUNITY Meet and Eat truly believe that the simple act of sharing a meal and eating together is a great way to make new friends and build on our already vibrant society, by creating and participating in new activities we make new bonds and become stronger together.

They encourage everyone to attend their CommUNITY Meet & Eat events to meet new friends whilst enjoying a delicious 3 course meal to help Peterborough become a stronger and collaborative community. Meals are £2.50 per person and £1.00 for under 5’s.

CommUNITY Meet & Eat have now been shortlisted as finalists in the Enterprise section for the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges award as part of the Green Gown Awards 2017. 

This year’s UK and Ireland Green Gown Awards’ finalists are proving post-16 education is at the forefront of the effort to deliver solutions to the most pressing global challenges of our time.

After a tough judging session, the applicants have been whittled down to 113 finalists across 15 categories. These projects range from electric pool cars to music albums dedicated to climate change. They include ambitious zero carbon targets, pioneering new ways to create heat sources from waste and the largest Passivhaus building in the UK.

Some are ensuring sustainability is at the heart and stomach of their kitchens. Others have looked at the journey fashion products take from raw materials to final garment; worked internationally making sustainable differences in sanitation; and enabled students to learn about biodiversity by anthropomorphising animals on social media. The variation and creativity is heartening and reflective of sustainability forcing its way up the list of global priorities.

The finalists represent nearly 1.5 million students and just under a quarter of a million members of staff leading the way with their commitment to the global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Having been a leading participant in the United Nations negotiations to develop 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development – the UK and Ireland must fulfil its commitment to deliver the Goals. 

This year, applicants were tasked with outlining how their sustainability projects incorporated the global SDGs for the first time. All applicants listed at least one SDG they were delivering. Two thirds (66%) of this year’s finalists - making it the most popular - listed ‘sustainable cities and communities’ as an SDG they are delivering. Meanwhile just under half (46%) are working towards ‘responsible consumption and production’ and one in two put forward projects that improved ‘quality education’. There are also some surprising development goals being tackled in tertiary education, with 37% stating they are delivering against the ‘climate action’ SDG and one in four delivering ‘industry, innovation and infrastructure’.

Between the finalists, the projects touch on every department and permeate across the whole curriculum. They are conducted by students, staff, academics, external stakeholders and can be found all across the UK and Ireland. These initiatives are a shining example of the power post-16 education possesses and the seriousness with which it takes its responsibility in creating a better world and a new generation of leaders.

Iain Patton, Chief Executive at the EAUC, said: “With the EAUC’s new strategy to reposition and align sustainability around key institutional priorities and challenges, this year’s Green Gown Award applications reflect the potential of sustainability to solve the sectors most critical problems. Every day, tireless environmental and sustainability leaders across the UK and Ireland are driving change and making sustainability just good business. The Green Gown Awards exist to give them the recognition and platform they need to do even more.”

The winners will be announced at the prestigious Green Gown Awards Ceremony taking place at The Monastery, Manchester on 15 November, in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester.

For further information about Peterborough's CommUNITY Meet & Eat events visit: www.citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk/super-kitchen/ 

For more information on the Green Gown awards visit: www.greengownawards.org/ 



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