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Adult cycle training

Most adults who can’t ride a bike do not advertise that fact. But when a milestone birthday comes along or when their children or grandchildren all go off cycling and they can’t go with them they think about finally learning how to ride a bike. 

Peterborough City Council gives any resident of Peterborough a free 90 minute lesson. Local cycling instructor Sue Fowler, taught a nurse in her 30s, grandmothers in their 60s and 70s and a man of 75 who wanted to take up cycling and give up smoking. Sue pledges that anyone can be taught to ride a bike within an hour. 

Some people can ride a bike but may want to learn how to cycle in local traffic conditions or to be shown a route to work. Spring is just round the corner, please visit www.travelchoice.org.uk to book your free lesson.        


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