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Peterborough sets out environmental targets to 2020

Two new action plans show how Peterborough aims to live within the resources of one planet by 2050.

Environmental targets for Peterborough were initially adopted in the first action plan in 2014, to be achieved by 2016. The new plans set out environmental and sustainability targets for the city as a whole and the second plan focuses on activities that can be specifically undertaken by Peterborough City Council by 2020.

The action plans are based on the internationally recognised concept of living within the resources of one planet; setting out a vision of a sustainable world where people lead happy and healthy lives within their fair share of the Earth's resources.

The plans are broken down into ten areas, each containing targets to 2020 and a vision to be achieved by 2050. Environmental targets include cutting carbon emissions, energy and water use, improving sustainable transport and increasing recycling. Other targets include creating a high skilled/low poverty economy and improving the health and wellbeing of residents.

The new plans were adopted by Full Council in April 2017 following a three week public consultation in January and February 2017. They aim to provide a clear vision for how Environment Capital will be delivered. The ‘Environment Action Plan: City Wide’ is a document that has been developed with stakeholders from organisations across Peterborough. The ‘Environment Action Plan: Peterborough City Council’ focuses on the policy position, achievements and targets specific to the City Council. 

You can view copies of the new plans at: www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/campaigns/environment-capital/ 




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