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Peterborough Environment Capital

Award-winning facility helps local charities and communities

An award-winning facility is giving back to local communities and charities, while helping to save the environment.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Reuse facility in Fengate, Peterborough reconditions and refurbishes an array of electrical goods to sell back to the community at low prices. 

The facility, run by Amey (previously Enterprise Peterborough) in partnership with Peterborough City Council, works alongside Indesit, Ikea and DHL to offer individuals or families on low incomes and charitable organisations large and small electrical items at affordable prices.

White goods such as washing machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and cookers are donated by commercial companies and householders, while the highly skilled team at the facility reconditions damaged appliances to be sold.

The facility also re-uses and recycles small electrical items including TVs, vacuum cleaners, laptops, lamps and kettles.

Any equipment that is repairable is fixed or refurbished, while items beyond repair are stripped down and the good parts kept for re-use and the rest recycled.

The facility not only helps the local community but also reduces the amount of both large and small electrical items in the landfill stream.  Any items with a plug or batteries can be harmful to the environment and as such are illegal to be landfilled.

Mick Robb, Head of Waste and Recycling at Amey said: “We encourage residents to dispose of their unwanted WEEE items in a responsible manner. Small items can be taken to recycling points, Householders’ Recycling Centre (HRC) on Welland Road or collected via pre-arranged free small items collection. Bigger items can be taken to HRC or collected by us for a charge.

“If you would like to use r one of these services or need more information, please call (01733) 747474.”

The WEEE Re-use facility is based at;

Fengate Peterborough PE1 5XG

To find out more information about the facility, please contact (01733) 425450 or pop in during opening hours Monday to Friday between 9am and 3.30pm.


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