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Hungry Harry urges more people to feed him

Unlike your brown bin contents which produces a normal compost-like material (and is available to buy at the Household Recycling Centre) the food waste produces a clean methane gas, ideal for the generation of clean, green, electricity and a nutrient rich fertilizer for farmers to spread on their crops, completing the cycle.

The Process
The process

Residents are encouraged to spread the word, tell your neighbours or relatives how easy it is to use, taking the smell away from your fortnightly collected black bin.   It is your choice whether you want to use bio-degradable bags, newspaper or nothing at all – Hungry Harry will fit inside your dishwasher for a weekly wash and the larger bin will soon rinse clean under the garden tap.

Featuring on both local news (BBC Look East) and the national ITV Tonight program, the city’s food waste collection service and it’s treatment partner Biogen have been held up in the waste industry as an example of how to do it. So far all houses in the region have the caddy’s and bins and plans are to introduce them to blocks of flats throughout the course of 2013. 

If you would like to see ideas and suggestions for how to avoid throwing food away look at the national campaign website www.lovefoodhatewaste.com. It is surprisingly easy to make leftovers into another tasty meal – just because it doesn’t get eaten on the day you make it, it doesn’t mean it needs to go into Hungry Harry!  With portion advice, meal planners to help your shop and interesting notes on food storage the Love Food Hate Waste campaign pages can teach all of us something new.

Shopping lists save you £££!  We all know that going grocery shopping on an empty stomach means you buy more, probably food that’s not even very good for you!  Make a shopping list before you go, check the quantities in your cupboards so you don’t make costly assumptions in the supermarket, and stick to that list – do not let the bright stickers and bargain prices trick you into buying what you are not going to use.


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